Chateau Žinkovy

Applied Science & Hi-Tech

Yes, we love science & technology!

3MTM glass bubbles

3M™ Glass Bubbles (GBs) are lightweight, micron-sized additives specially engineered to withstand temperature, stress and strain.
We applied GBs in various areas, such as reduction of thermal bridges, improving thermal insultaion of pipping and creating heat mirror effect behind radiators in the castle.

Active lightninig protection

Rp = √ (h (2D + h) + ∆L (2D + ∆L)) … it is simple as that.

In 2007 team of my engineers stood in front of an important decision. Shall we renew conventional Lightning protection system or should we look ahead and go for new technology. We made the good decision and went for WAT Franlinplus gripper.

We currently have 4 WATs installed, 2 at the castle, 1 at the administrative building and the last one at the pump house.

Biometrics and RFID

Money for work & work for money – our favourite rule. Being fair was always one of our key values. Using biometric clocking in system is both efficient and fair. It is not only our employees who clock in and out, it is also state institution representatives and chosen suppliers who leave their trace in our system.


Chateau as a toy? Sure – using Siemens´s Simatic intelligent system makes everything possible…

We have complete overview of the chateau systems in a pocket. It brings ultimate control of air humidity, temperature, water pressure, electricity consumption and much more.

We are now working on various scenarios which will adjust the castle behaviour to different setups by one click on an iPhone.

Read more about BMS / BAS applied at Chateau Zinkovy here.


Our maintenance crew uses CRM solution produced by Czech IT company IREsoft. With use of iOS everyone knows in realtime what is on manager’s mind and what needs to be addressed without delay.

Fiber optics

All the major structures on the castle grounds are hooked up to the fiber optic network. We are using HW from DELL, CISCO, DLINK, MikroTik, Panasonic and 3COM.

Internal fiber optic network operates on 10GBit transfer speed.

Geothermal energy …


Infrared imaging

We use FLIR IR system to define cold bridges, imperfect bolted connections in the electrical systems, potential overheating of HVAC system and leakages throught the roof structures.

 Laser scanning, Photogrammetry and Vectorization

Czech National Theatre, UNESCO protected Chateau Lednice, UNESCO protected villa Tugendhat and Chateau Zinkovy – what do these places have in common? All these jewels were laser scanned.

2 730 780 000 points with XYZ coordinate – all this linked precisely to the land registrar coordinates. Average deviation of only 0,1 inch. This is Chateau Zinkovy case.

Reconstruction of facades became so much easier having these data. We do not regret a single crown spent on this.

Read more about Laser scanning, photogrammetry and Vectorization  applied at Chateau Zinkovy here.

Laboratory expertises …


Microbrushing …


Nano technology

Paints on the castle facades are mineral based and stain retarding. The microstructural surface, nanocrystalline and inorganic additives significantly reduce staining. This new technology provides protection against algae and fungal growth.

Plasma conventor / Plasma gasification

In 2008 team of our engineers started to evaluate potential usage of Plasma conventor. At that time the team started to communicate with US based company Startech.

In order to prepare space reserve for this technology which would be close to the Chateau grounds we purchased an old brick production plant in Zinkovy (1,1 hectare of land zoned for industrial use).

The three main by-products that result from the plasma gasification process, i.e. heat, synthetic gas (syngas) and slag are 100% usable at the Chateau grounds and thus present sustainable approach which we intend to utilise in the future. We are currently searching plasma technology supplier to implement plasma convertor.