Chateau Žinkovy

Building Management/Automation System

At the chateau Zinkovy we decided to implemented SIEMENS Simatic S7-300 system which is predominantly used in manufacturing industry.

Who else would better refine the product than requirements from automotive, chemical, petrochemical, gas and offshore industry? And that was the way We were thinking…

Its variability enables almost any future plan to come true, which was and is always our goal. Digital and Analog modules, Fail-safe modules digital/analog I/O modules, Ex digital/analog I/O modules are the basic corner stones of this modular system. The build-as-you-go backplane bus is expanded by simply plugging in additional modules and bus connectors.

If one wakes up tomorrow with a plan to locate in the chateau yard a fountain with water/music/light show features, which on top  one would operate from the iPhone, well – it is not a dream, it is just a question of putting together specs for order and then waiting for the gadgets to arrive…

Our Simatic application currently connects & controls these areas:

  • Heating (2 detached gas heating rooms controlling in total 0,75 Megawatt of power)
  • Ventilation ( Chapel, Heating room for zones A+B+C+D, Data and Electricity center)
  • CCTV
  • Alarm system (PIR motion sensors, glass breaking sensors, flooding sensors, other sensors)
  • Fire safety system
  • Electricity consumption trends as well as other trends (temperature, moisture, energy output)
  • Control of diesel power generator
  • Lights
  • Floor heating in bathrooms

Facility management word cloud concept. Vector illustration


Twice per single second BMS computer logs values of more than 1050 controlled parameters.

Real time access is a must and therefore all this is viewable/controllable within chateau´s dedicated network, VPN access from any PC/MAC located anywhere on planet Earth as well as via iOS in iPhone and iPad, wherever one is connected to data.

Therefore when friends are coming and we are not in Zinkovy at that time, it is a question of less than a minute to disarm the alarm in corresponding zone, turn the heating on or off, set the illumination scenario on the external lights and if wanted, also turning the music on in the chapel while tuning the song we were listing to last time we met in Marrakesh or wherever that was…

“Chateau Zinkovy – Place where dreams are written…” that is what we work at.

And what is most important about this application? The fact that this system cares for and protects nature!