Chateau Žinkovy

Laser scanning, Photogrammetry and Vectorization

In the year 2008 our team of engineers decided to propose investment into laser scanning, photogrammetry and vectorization in order to secure perfect project/design data for planned renovation of chateau facades. How could one say no?

We signed contract with EU market leader (at that time) Geodis l.l.c.


  • Orthophotographs / very useful due to extensive structural deterioration over the time
  • CAD Vectorized facades / individual constructional parts are differentiated by individual layers
  • 2.730.780.000 points having XYZ coordinate linked to cadastral mesh
  • 3D model built by 54 point clouds (see the video here)

Used hardware (cams & laser scanner)

  • LMS Riedl Z360i
  • Zoller Frohlich Imager 5006
  • Olympus E410 with lenses Zuiko Digital 7-14mm, calibrated to focus 9mm and 14-42mm to 35mm

Used processing software

  • Phidias
  • I_RAS C

Output formats … dgn, dxf, 3pf, bin, asci, tif, tfw

Obtained resolution on the facades … 5mm

Total volume of orthophotos taken … 948

Drawings  Showcase 1, Showcase 2, Showcase 3

Video of the 3D model