Chateau Žinkovy

Fair deal

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Our mission is to support cultural and educational activities at Chateau Zinkovy
We operate on basis of shared income, resp. if the activity does not generate any income, we share zero, if the activity generates any income, we share it according to agreed rules

Supported activities

Exhibitions (paintings, sculptures, modern art, .etc.)
Literature workshops (author readings, etc.)
Creative workshops (Marionette carving, Wool felting, etc.)
Traveler’s presentations etc. (Expedition to Mt.Everest, etc.)


Workshops, presentations upon agreementExhibitions minimum 2 month / maximum 6 months


Chateau gallery
Other upon agreement

Our partSaxophonist

Marketing the event
Provision of area + HR to enable access
Collection of entry fees if applicable

Your part

Provision of your best spiritual values
Business model / income sharing

Program A) Ideal for starting artists

voluntary admission => we share income 50/50 (me/you)
provision of area to the artist is for free
exhibited items are sold => we charge 50% + VAT from the item sale price

Program B) Ideal for well-estabilished artists

charged admission => we share income 70/30 (me/you)
provision of area to the artist is subjected to payment
exhibited items are sold => we charge 25% + VAT from the item sale price


Any photo/video/audio material anyone creates in relation to Fair deal cooperation is subjected to exclusive author rights of Crown Estates s.r.o. and Obrapa s.r.o. and can be used without any prior consent of the exhibitor / partner.

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