Chateau Žinkovy


DNA shaped treeOur goal is to share and strengthen positive professional experience, transfer functional business relationships with our suppliers and partners. By mutual synergy with our business partners we are trying to contribute to the development of cultural business environment.

We apply environmentally friendly approaches to secure environmental sustainability of the Chateau Zinkovy and its surroundings.


SO 001 – 1st Phase – Castle roof reconstruction
SO 002 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd phase – Complete renovation of the administrative building
S0 007 – 1 , 2, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Chateau Villas – Complete reconstruction
SO 031 – 1st Phase – New waste water treatment plant
SO 032 – New Technology of potable water treatment plant
SO 033 – New rain sewer system
SO 034 – New waste water sewer system
SO 061 – 1st Phase – Zone gas distribution network
SO 080 – 1st Phase – Low voltage system – optical network
SO 001 – 2nd Phase – Infrastructure for the Chateu, i.e. water, gas , electricity connections , rain water and sewage systems
SO 001 – 3rd Phase – 50 % Restoration and reconstruction of the Chateau facades
SO 001 – 6th Phase – Castle facades
SO 017.1 – 1st Phase – Fence

Studies, reports and analyzes:

EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment study)
Laser scanning and terrestrial photogrammetry – chateau facades (full extent)
Geophysical survey (Evaluation of geothermal potential in the zone)
Geological surveys
Hydro-geological surveys – localization of reserve wells
Archaeological researches related to individual investment projects
Architectural and historical research of the chateau structure and chateau facades
Dendrochronological research
Stratigraphical surveys
Architectural and Technical Surveys ( Chateau, Administrative building , Mill )
Geodetic survey (The entire complex including chateau interiors)
Camera tests of sewer systems
Restoration researches and intents for individual investment activities


2 hectare area of pastures and forest land in the southern part of the chateau resort
1 hectare of land for industrial use and production
Land associated with the area of the resort water treatment plant
Set of four buildings on the water dam
Land with a Volleyball pitch at the southern part of the resort